Round Neck T-Shirts

82.000 KD

The t-shirt with logo is made of comfort cotton jersey "Giza cotton". This precious raw material, also known as the he master of the Egyptian cotton, grown in very narrow areas around the river Nile delta, is the finest fiber on earth with a 2.8 micron-air: a material with a very high strength, brilliance and extraordinary softness. A limited amount of fiber and a high cost of sowing and cultivation preserve the quality of this exclusive product. The fibers of this cotton, extraordinarily long and silky, are characterized by a high resistance and a special softness. The detail of the logo, the same shade of the crew neck, enrich the garment, giving that sporty-chic twist, typical of Eleventy. The presence of the iconic inner detail in gray mélange highlights the care that the brand puts into each product, enhancing its quality.


G75TSHG05 - TES0G195